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Public Announcement - House District 29: Representative Ken Pendergraft - What's with this Budget?

The Governor’s “conservative” budget is anything but conservative.  This budget represents a 12% increase in spending for the biennium, taxpayers have not enjoyed a 12% cost of living increase, instead we’re faced with double digit inflation (I count food and fuel), rising insurance costs, and skyrocketing property taxes.  We’ve all had to cut back, but not so government spending. When governor Gordon took office, we had an $8.1B biennial budget. Today, he’s asking for $9.9+ B, that’s a 23% increase. Finally, LSO estimates that a budget of $8.7 B would be sufficient to continue services as they are presently, yet the governor wants almost $10B.

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Unknown member
Dec 16, 2023

This is helpful information because this overview was not provided in the report from the executive office to the appropriations committee on Tuesday. This NASBO report shows what has been happening in State Governments, in general, and provides a frame of reference:


Unknown member
Dec 15, 2023

Fellow citizens correct me, if my thinking is wrong here, yet Wyoming citizens are not interested in assisting in the economic collapse of our Nation? 32T and going for broke with new spending on the horizon - should the US House sell us out. Governor! Why? We should be preparing to economically survive and recover from the looming consequences of spending: What only exists on paper or the digital equivalent while promising anything and everything to those that would vote for so and so candidate. Empty promises won't fill any bellies. Broke nation fail! Bad policy and spending comes home to roost. Governor stop giving the citizens of Wyoming the finger. Give Wyoming the budget the Citizenry can really afford…


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