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Homework for the Engaged Citizen

Check out this link 307votes-sheridan-county.

The link goes to the score cards for each Sheridan County legislators.

Select your Senator or House Representative and take a look at their record of representing you.

Then consider adding a comment to this post. What did you find most striking with respect to: How accurately are they representing you?

We love citizens that tell us all; what they think of their elected officialsthe good, the bad, and the ugly.

For those out of County, yet still State Citizens feel free to select your county, and do the same.

If ya have a hankering to tell Wyoming about: How awesome (or not) your Legislators are doing in the representing department. Consider commenting and include a county and precinct, or email us at

YA KNOW. Should this sort of thing catch on. We may become the most citizen engaged State in the Nation, if not the World.

Now wouldn't that be something to write the kiddos or the parents about?

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