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Government Accountability Legal Action Fund

Are you frustrated by politicians flagrantly violating our laws and getting a free pass? Are you tired of the media providing cover for those same criminals? Do you wish that just something could be done?

You don't need to look as far away as Washington DC or even Cheyenne. The elected officials in Sheridan County are as corrupt, lawless, and colluding as they come. It's time for a change!

Help clean up Sheridan County corruption! Our County Commissioners and other elected officials colluded to break the law with a sham event orchestrated so that they could refuse to choose a replacement Commissioner. Not only did they violate Wyoming State Statute, but they also completely ignored Robert's Rules of Order in the process. Additionally, the County Commissioners are refusing to return the Statutory Duties to the Sheridan County Clerk. They've gone rogue!

We aren't standing still. We aren't letting this be "swept under the rug" as they would expect. We are taking the fight to the Commissioners and we won't back down!

Obviously, we have to hire a team of shiny-shoe lawyers to make this happen, and shoe polish doesn't come cheap. We need your help!

A contribution of any amount to our legal action fund is appreciated. Every little bit helps.

Please consider donating the cost of a lawyer-worthy coffee, only $5, or a can of shoe polish and a laundered shirt, $20. If you really like sharp-dressed lawyers, a new tie is $50. If you want to be a hero, a 3-series BMW is around $50,000, but these are Wyoming lawyers and they'd probably prefer an F-250 and a Weatherby rifle (way more than 50 grand). Bottom line, it takes money to fight a war and we could sure use your support! Thank you!

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