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Agenda - BoCC Regular Board Meeting: Tuesday, January 16, 2024, 9:00 a.m.

Regular Board Meeting


Sheridan County Courthouse Addition

224 S. Main St, Second Floor Board Room, #220

Tuesday, January 16, 2024,

9:00 a.m.

1. Call to Order and Pledge.

2. Consent Agenda:

  • a. 12/28/2023 Special Meeting Draft Minutes;

  • b. 01/02/2024 Staff Meeting Draft Minutes;

  • c. 01/02/2024 Regular Meeting Draft Minutes;

  • d. 01/08/2024 Staff Meeting Draft Minutes;

  • e. Ratify Historic Preservation Committee Certified Local Government’s Annual Report;

  • f. Ratify Amendment One to the Cooperative Agreement for the Bridge Over Tongue River project between WYDOT and Sheridan County Board of County Commissioners;

  • g. Ratify SLIB Loan CL23011 SH Reimbursement Request #3;

  • h. Ratify Suspend Work Notice to Northern Underground, LLC for the Brooks Street Greenspace;

  • i. Ratify Sheridan County Affordable Housing Program Third-Party Mortgage & Note with Kailey Smoot. for Trailside at Woodland Park Lot 11;

  • j. Ratify Partial Assignment of Affordable Housing Agreement Trailside at Woodland Park between Sheridan County, Assignor and Kailey Smoot, Assignee for Lot 11 of the Trailside at Woodland Park Development;

  • k. Ratify Release of Mortgage between the County of Sheridan, Lienholder and Marylen Joy Krause for the Trailside at Woodland Park Lot 11;

  • l. Ratify 24-hour Catering Permit for Albatraoz LLC, March 16, 2024, for Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, 44 Johnson St., Big Horn, WY;

3. Consider Agenda.

4. Announcements.

5. Public Comments on Matters not on the Agenda.

6. Consider Road Name Change from Bobcat Drive to Bobcat Pass within the Bobcat Estates Subdivision.

7. Consider Grant Award Agreement 21-SHSP-SHE-INT-2 between Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and the County of Sheridan.

8. Consider Assignment of Lease and Consent to Assignment between Arctodus, LLC and Flying Hammer, LLC.

9. Consider Lease Amendment No. 2 between the County of Sheridan and Sheridan Pilots 307,


Thoughts on any of the agenda items

can be posted in the comment section of this post

before or after the meeting.

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